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Doctor of Physical Therapy & Orthopedic Specialist

Dr. Deaton is the founding senior partner of Riata Therapy Specialists, PLLC. He and Dr. Neuwirth started the practice in 2003. He holds a BS, MS in Physical Therapy from the TWU School of Physical Therapy and a DPT from Boston University. Dr. Deaton has over 25 years of practice experience with a specialization in Orthopedics. He enjoys the patient-therapist relationship more than anything and is a consummate believer in providing excellence in care supported by his experience, the patient experience and evidence based research.

Dr. Deaton is a lecturer, adjunct professor and author. He regularly writes for blogs, print and online publications and lectures at TWU and the University of North Texas Health Science Center. He combines his years of experience with a wide range of training and education to provide program development and the highest quality of care.

Outside the world of physical therapy, Dr. Deaton also founded a Starting Strength Affiliate Gym, Fort Worth Strength & Conditioning, 40fit and the 40fit Radio podcast. He is on seminar staff with Starting Strength and Starting Strength Online Coaching.  He holds several fitness certifications by such organizations Starting Strength (SSC), CrossFit (CCFT) and the USAW. He actively trains people at all levels of fitness and performance.

Dr. Deaton’s professional and personal interests include, dry needling, orthopedic manual therapy, aging and the role of exercise/diet, human performance, strength training/programming, traditional archery hunting, strength lifting and ranching.. He has a wonderful wife of over 29 years and three beautiful daughters.