Barbell Rehab

Barbell Rehab2023-12-19T18:48:19+00:00

For many of our clients there is a simple solution, get STRONGER. There is no better way than using the basic barbell movements to support strength, lean muscle mass, mobility and function. Life is built on several basic movements, squatting/sitting down-standing up, reaching/lifting overhead and bending over at the waist to pick something up. Using the squat, press and deadlift barbell movements under the watchful eye of our trained staff, we teach clients how to safely use the barbell to rehab and improve these daily functional movements. Each client’s program is individualized and appropriate for their level of rehabilitation and healing. We have staff that have received additional post. Doctorate training as a Starting Strength Coach (SSC) and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).